FAQ: Ably™ | Unbelievably odor & stain repellant natural apparel
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Will my ABLY™ tee shirt or hoodie repel and not absorb every single type of stain, dirt, or liquid?

Is ABLY™ Apparel absolutely perfect? Of course not, nothing is. It probably will absorb dirt, charcoal, or anything else for that matter if it is rubbed or ground into the garment. Since that is not a particularly likely scenario, we can say that if you do accidentally spill wine, coffee, or other liquid on your pristine ABLY™ tee shirt or hoodie, it’s probably a good idea to sprinkle a few water drops on it, or just flick it off. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:14 pm EDT

What makes ABLY™ tee shirts and hoodies different than other clothing that claims to be repellant?

While most, if not all, other clothing claiming to be repellant are made with petroleum-based synthetic materials (nylon, polyester, etc.), ABLY™ Apparel is 100% natural premium cotton, no synthetics and no nanoparticles. FILIUM™, our trade secret patent-pending technology, allows us to create natural fabrics and clothing that repel stains, liquids and odors, and have them retain the natural feel, soft touch, and breathability that most of us humans prefer. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

How many times can I wear an ABLY™ tee shirt or hoodie in regular use before I have to wash it?

ABLY™ Apparel has been wear- and performance-tested for several years now, both in-house and by independent labs. We’ve also had some folks wear ABLY™ tee shirts in the gym for a month, and for more than a week at a time in hot and steamy places like Cuba and India. They were all astounded that their shirts stayed odor and stain free. As such, ABLY™ tee shirts and hoodies will need to be washed only infrequently (as little as once or twice a month), depending on just how much it has been worn and for what use. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

Are there are any special laundering instructions for an ABLY™ tee shirt or hoodie?

As with other premium cotton garments, we recommend washing ABLY™ apparel in cold water with a mild detergent only (no bleach or no other additives). Then you may machine dry on medium heat. To be completely eco-friendly, you can hang dry your ABLY™ tee shirt or hoodie – our clothing does not need to be tumble dried to resist stains and odors. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

How many wash cycles can an ABLY™ tee shirt or hoodie go through before it loses its stain, liquid and odor repelling properties?

The apparel industry estimates that cotton garments have an average life of 30 to 40 washes. Since you don’t need to wash your ABLY™ tee shirt or hoodie as often as other clothing, and if you follow our care instructions when you wash, we estimate that your ABLY™ garment’s superior stain/odor/liquid resistant properties should last you for an even longer period of time. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

What is FILIUM™ and how does it work?

FILIUM™ is our proprietary, trade secret, and patent-pending technology that allows natural fabrics to repel and not absorb sweat, most liquids, stains, and odors, while maintaining their soft feel and breathability. All of our ABLY™ apparel items are “FILIUM-activated”. FILIUM™ permits natural fabrics to be non-absorbent, which means two things: liquids and stains are not retained in the fibers of the fabric, and sweat is allowed to evaporate naturally through the fabric (just as it would if you are wearing nothing). Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

Is the FILIUM™ technology safe?

The core technology of FILIUM™ is manufactured in accordance with bluesign® standards for sustainably. FILIUM™ does not contain any nanoparticles, silver, or harmful chemicals that can leach into your skin. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

Are ABLY™ Apparel garments anti-microbial?

ABLY™ 100% cotton apparel is "FILIUM™-activated". We cannot and do not make the claim that ABLY™ clothing is "anti-bacterial". However, FILIUM™-activation means that our ABLY™ tee shirts and hoodies do not absorb and retain many microbes found in human sweat, which cause garments - including most synthetic active wear - to retain odor. This is why you can wear and workout in an ABLY™ shirt or hoodie for days on end and it will still smell fresh. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

How many pledges can I make to the ABLY™ Kickstarter campaign?

You can make only one single pledge for the ABLY™ Kickstarter campaign. However, you can change pledge level to any open reward tier up until the campaign is over. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

Will there be an option to add on to or increase a Kickstarter pledge?

Yes – when the ABLY™ Kickstarter campaign is over, we will send out a survey to all ABLY™ backers, and the survey will have an option that allows a backer to add on as many ABLY™ products as you would like. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

I’m trying to pledge, but how do I let you know my gender, size, style and color?

Two weeks after the ABLY™ Kickstarter campaign concludes, we will be sending to all ABLY™ backers a link to a survey. The survey will allow each ABLY™ backer to choose the items he/she has ordered based on the pledge level they selected. This includes their gender, size, style, and color. Backers will also have the opportunity to add on additional additional ABLY™ products. If your pledge level has multiple items, you will be able to select each one individually. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

When do you anticipate shipping my ABLY™ tee shirts and hoodies to me?

We will make every effort to ship out your product as soon as possible. We currently anticipate shipping ABLY™ products to backers in September. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

What happens if I order the wrong size tee shirt or hoodie? Do you permit exchanges?

Yes, we will gladly exchange an item within 21 days after we ship you the product. All we ask is that you cover the shipping cost of the return and replacement. Last updated: Mon, Jun 6 2016 8:19 pm EDT

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How does BackerKit work?

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How do I update my shipping address?

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I completed the survey, but haven't received my rewards yet. When will they arrive?

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Why can’t I log into my account?

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I never received my invitation. How do I complete the survey?

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When will my pledge will be shipped, charged or locked down?

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Can I upgrade or get multiple copies of my pledge?

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